Houston’s Scariest Haunted Houses

Open Weekends In October

During Halloween each year, a longtime traditions is visiting a haunted house to spook ourselves with friends or family. Over the decades, haunted houses have evolved greatly with the major advancements in technology and horror special effects. Today’s haunted houses feel more like you are a character in a horror movie that gives you nightmares.

One of the oldest, and by the people’s choice, the best haunted house in Houston, is Phobia Haunted Houses. For 21 years now, Phobia has scared the crap out of patrons and has been the cause of many sleepless nights for tens of thousands of visitors to its haunted grounds.

Operating since 1996, Phobia Haunted Houses is a very scary haunt in Houston Texas. Located on Beltway 8 South, between 288 and I-45, Phobia operates multiple great haunted houses. Phobia employs hundreds of actors at its massive ScreamPark in Houston. Tour the Darke hallways of Phobia Haunted Houses weekends in October. Texas' scariest haunt is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays beginning late September through Halloween. Consistently rated America's top haunted house, Phobia uses hundreds of terrifying animatronics. Terror lurks at every turn, with crazed zombies and wack clowns. Of the haunted houses in Houston, and countless haunts in Texas, Phobia is truly Houston's best haunted house.

See Exile, with three linked attractions. Savage Ground, Contagion and DarkeWorld are three free standing scary haunted houses, located at Phobia on Houston's Sam Houston Parkway South. Many say Dawn of the machine is Phobia's best scariest haunted house, while others argue that Genetic Nightmare is a super scary haunt. Others mention the all new Mind Control, and the terrifying Darke Institute, with its crazed lurkers beyond every corner. The haunted house reviews are in, and Phobia is always ranked as the top haunt in Houston. Many search Google and find Phobia is the best rated Texas haunted house. Great discounts are available at, coupons, savings and lots of the Houston Best Haunt info. If you're looking for the scariest haunted attraction in Houston, you'll find Phobia. No pumpkin patches or Halloween hayrides here. See scary zombie haunted attractions on BW8 South. See mad doctors battle crazed patients at America's Best Haunted House. Texas' greatest haunt guide review Phobia with the highest marks.

Find the World's Scariest Haunted Houses, Haunted Attractions, Real haunted houses, the best and scariest attractions at Phobia. If you are looking for scary haunted attractions from the very scary gory haunted houses to even the family friendly events, You'll love Phobia Haunted Houses in Houston. We're the nearest scariest haunted houses, with zombie runs, top rated Halloween and Haunted Attractions in the USA. Anything and everything Halloween, Haunted, Spooky, Scary and everything bump in the night. Whatever your nightmare or scary world of screams, come see Phobia. The scariest haunted houses in Houston, and arguably the best haunt in Texas.

Tickets & Attractions

Tickets start at $15.00 per person for one great haunted house. See more killer haunts for discounted multi attraction pricing. For the biggest world of scream in Houston, checkout Phobia's the Darke Institute, Mind Control, Clown Mania, Exile, Savage Ground, Contagion, DarkeWorld, Dawn of the Machine and Genetic Nightmare, the creepy haunted house.

We love customers screaming... that was the best haunt or Phobia is the scariest haunted house in Texas! We get emails telling us we are the best scariest haunted house in Houston, while others proclaim Phobia is the top rated haunt in town. We love it and appreciate the compliments. We will always persevere to be the best darke attraction we can be! Halloween only rolls around once per year, and Phobia Haunted Houses will be there for our devoted patrons.

Phobia was started on Hwy 59 near Kirby, with two unique scary haunted houses. We moved to Hwy 290 years later, and found our permanent home on Beltway 8 South. Our giant haunted screampark is packed with screams and fear. Our scary Houston haunts rank high in Google reviews. Phobia Haunted Houses in Houston is proud to offer deals and discounts on Google Adwords and other online resources. Many reporters reviewing haunted houses & haunted attractions rate Phobia as Houston's premiere haunted attraction. We are not your dad's haunt, we are a scary haunted house with terrifying scares at every scene. Acres of terror, countless screams. Check Houston's scariest Halloween attraction for your next haunted encounter. Phobia, Baby!

Under 12 bring a parent. Over 12, get ready for a scary haunted house...

Minutes from the Galleria, Phobia haunted Houses Houston is the greatest, says our mascot, BoomBoom.

Phobia has never paid for haunted house rating sites. Hauntworlds top 13 haunts, America’s best haunts, Americas best haunted attractions are all pay for play. Haunted houses ratings are bought and sold. We don't need to buy praise. Phobia is scary...

The roaming chain saws and insulting clowns are just another night's offering at Phobia Haunted Houses of Houston.

Don’t miss Halloween’s best haunted house in Houston during Phobia’s Grand opening this year. Forget the long lines and see the scariest haunt in Houston. We have the best haunted house actors, and the scariest haunted house props in Texas. Phobia’s scary actors are well trained and are spread across Houston’s best top rated haunt. Many patrons have reviewed Phobia as a great haunt, even as Houston’s very best haunted house. Our customers are loyal and return to Phobia year after year, because of the great ratings and reviews, as Houston’s best scary haunted attraction. The amazing scary clowns and mindless zombies, lurk in the biggest haunt in Texas. Eventually totaling eight free standing scary haunted houses, Phobia is and will remain the best biggest haunt in Houston Texas. Our employees are loyal and well trained.

Voted Texas’ Scariest Haunted House Attraction

Phobia's Best Houston Haunted Houses are open less than 75 hours per year. These great scary haunts of Texas remain second to none. Hundreds of animatronics packed into this best of Houston haunts. Phobia has been voted by publications such as Haunt Magazine, Fangoria and USA Today as the top haunt in the nation as well as been recognized both locally and nationally by media including CNN, The Travel Channel and Wall Street Journal. Every season, this innovative horror experience continues to draw in generations of thrill seekers eager to see what new nightmares have been unleashed! Come to Phobia, if you dare...