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Does Phobia take credit cards?

Phobia has an ATM on site.

What are the hours and will Phobia close while I have tickets left?

Click here for dates and times. You must arrive early to see multiple attractions. Allow 15-20 minutes per attraction. Closing times are estimates only, but we will close even if you have tickets remaining - so come early and use them or lose them, baby!

Do you have group rates?

Yes, we have discounts for groups of 25+ when purchased in advance. Click here for pricing info and purchase online to receive the discount.

Do you have V.I.P./Speed-pass tickets for cuts in line?

Nope. Don't need them. Phobia has separate free-standing attractions. Our lines go very fast and speed-passes are a costly waste.

Other haunts say they have 4 or 5 attractions & it's only 1 or 2 fairly big ones. What's up w/Phobia?

Phobia is huge. Separate haunts, separate lines, see one or two, see as many as you want! All free-standing and very different. Packed with staff and cool animatronics. Just ask someone who's attended. Phobia is the real deal!

Is your haunt wheelchair accessible?

Not completely, but many of our attractions are accessible. Just park close to the ticket booth to unload the chair.

Will they touch you?

No. Don't touch us or our stuff. We won't touch you, but we might get close...

Does Phobia take reservations?

No. Just buy tickets and enjoy the Phobia experience. First come, first served. So come early!

Does Phobia have security on site?

Yes. We have uniformed police officers and plain clothes security staff.

Is it scary? Age limits? Discounts for little ones?

Yes, Phobia is intense and scary. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by a parent. No really young kids, please. No refunds, so don't even try.

Which house is the scariest?

Duh, it's Phobia! It's all scary! Why would we make a lame one?

Does Phobia sell beer?

No. We don't like drunks either.


No, never. Don't buy the ticket if there is any doubt.

Can I take pictures inside or use a flashlight?

No. Please leave the camera and flashlights at home.

How many friends can enter at the same time?

6 - 8 in a group is ideal.

Any special clothing required?

No flip-flops, high heels, etc. Please leave your purse and fine jewelry at home, too.

When is the best time/day to attend?

Early in the evening is ideal - at the opening bell. Also, earlier in the season is best - less crowded, etc. I came, I saw, I screamed...I came earlier and screamed more!

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